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Sukhothai in Northern Thailand

Located within the valley of the Yom River, Sukhothai (meaning “Dawn of Happiness”) may be a province in northern Thailand that verges on the central regions. it's around 427 kilometres north of Bangkok and covers around half dozen,600 sq. kilometres. The province was founded within the thirteenth century and was the primary freelance Thai Kingdom - the Sukhothai kingdom. it's most famous for the historic town of Sukhothai, the kingdom’s capital.
 The province’s temples and monuments are restored to their former glory and Sukhothai Historical Park – an area with countless sites of historical interest – created into a UNESCO World Heritage web site. alternative places of interest embrace Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, Ramkhamhaeng National Park, Sri Satchanalai National Park and also the Royal Palace and Wat Mahathat.
attractions and activities in Sukhothai
Sri Satchanalai (National Park)Sukhothai
Sukhothai is mostly recognised as an area of historical significance. However, it's conjointly home to a really lovely National Park. Sri Satchanalai National Park is around three hundred acres of flowers, greenery and wildlife with mountains throughout the parks length. one amongst the focal points of the park is Tad Dao – a 40-meter high waterfall. Others are Kang Kao cave,
Tad Dean Waterfall and Pong Nam Dean. The one amongst the best peaks within the park is Wang Chang that offers some tremendous views from its summit. The park conjointly homes variety of ruins, corresponding to those offered at Sukothai Historical Park, though of another era. though a World Heritage web site like Sukothai Historical Park, Sri Satchanalai’s ruins aren't furthermore restored, however this adds to the its charm and authentic feel. a number of the key sites to go to within the park include:
• Wat Chang Lom
• Wat Khao Phanon Phloeng
• Wat Chedi Jet Thaew
• Wat Nang Phaya
• Wat Phra Si Ratanan Mahatat
• Wat Chao Chan
• Chaliang - an ancient town to the southeast of the park with 2
templesDetails: The park is open 08:00 to 18:00 and admission is forty Baht. If you're have a vehicle you may be charged for that, too. The fees are forty Baht for a automobile, thirty Baht for a bike and ten Baht for a bicycle.Contact:Sri Satchanalai
National Park P.O.Box 10
 Tambol Bannkang Amphur Sri Satchanalai
Sukothai Province 64130

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