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Songkran in Chiang Mai. thailand

Songkran in Chiang Mai.

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     Songkran Festival. North and Northeast have played Songkran. Splashing water all around the village. Absence from work to play with Songkran. Some of the 7 days off work ever. Songkran Festival in the most famous and most fun people from other places in Thailand. As well as foreign countries with the most  Songkran in Chiang Mai. City residents to do the following.

 On April 13 called on Sang Khan post cruise. A day to clean house

On April 14 called today on people to bring food to the present. Regale friends and family. A New Year's Day. Shall be deemed not to do anything evil. Not speak rudely condemn others.

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 April 15 is the day Paya wan  is the best day. Merit will put together a very Alignment to a monk watering. The bathing rite. Blessed wishes to cool for several minutes.

     Highlights of Chiang Mai. That makes people want to play Songkran. Chiang Mai because the moat surrounding the old town. For all directions to gather at a moat around the city playing splashing water fun and exciting and most importantly, measuring different to invite Buddha sacred routine measure organized parade in a straight line, such as train the lion train the glass, white, etc. Buddha aged 700 to. 1000 year to parade through the city people have a ceremony to pour water with a fragrance. Songkran in Chiang Mai every year the city crowded city called off play Songkran all three days ever.

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Pea Muang Pee Park

•Pea Muang Pee  Park. Located in Tambon Mae Nam Cham Lai Thung Thung Hong Province Phrae an area of ​​800,000 m², the Royal Forest Department declared this forest park on March 8, 2524.
• Pea Muang Pee  Park with a state forest on the plains ripple wave at the outer slope of a small area. Above the sea level of about 200-210 meters.
Vegetation and wildlife.
• dipterocarp forest is a forest. Plants were found that the rubber Hiang Phayom Ngiu Croton Sakae bamboo forest planting more acres and include Acacia Narong Kanlapaphruek guppy.
• wildlife, including snakes, lizards found iguana hare and various bird species.
Home - service
• Pea Muang Pee  Park. No accommodation available to tourists. If visitors wish to go camping. Please bring own tent, and then extended to allow contact with the head of Goat Park ghost town directly. Or the Office of Management in Conservation 13 (spread) Tel. 0-5351-1162 or contact details, the park management. Office Park. National Park. Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkok 10900 Tel .0-2561-4292-3 to 719 days in office hours.
Tourist attraction
• Pea Muang Pee  Park is a hill area, which is higher than the other. Due to erosion by natural erosion. The currents for a long time. Making some areas of high and low as vice versa. Clay cliffs and pillars are shaped differently. Causing even more beautiful.
• Car travel from Phrae Province. By the land route number 101 between Phrae - Nan. Spread away from the city about 7 miles to the intersection of the right to park goat ghost town for 3 miles through asphalt road. If they do not own a car to contact employment suitable bus home from the station. Kh.s. Phrae Province. Any contract or motorcycle. The total distance is about 10 miles.
Address Pea Muang Pee  Park
• Office of Management in Conservation 13 (diffusion) of water, T. Cham, A. Muang, Phrae
Pea Muang Pee  Park: land of legend
• Goat necropolis located between Thung Hong and Nam Cham Province spread away from the city about 15 miles on Route diffusion - Rongkwang separate straight mile at 9 to 6 more miles by the location of the patch necropolis with the stream. Line a small flow in ancient times as a sacred Thung Hong villagers. And very similar to yours. Because the history of the ancient mystery of their own spy story that Yay for a trip into the forest for bamboo shoots, vegetables as food. To be lost in the wilderness and found the hole money pit gold is gold put out money for home fully raised to carry on his shoulders put back home, but lost to wander in the forest. Because god is not the place to take you away Just take the show to see. Grandmother who then seek to find out that home is not home. Find a place that has already arranged home lumber is expected to make approximately However, there is no money to carry on carry on the gold out once. Lift your feet more forward and more like a lift back to it again as though someone is pulling for the home. September is the place to find a home there and tell them to hurry up and come home to find more money for the gold home. Enough people flock to the many And when the money is returned to the forests that are missing. When you see it spelled Jamorn footprint to less foot pole low road. And appear seamless to the else. Yay for the villagers is to be named this place as "goat ghost town."
• Goat mean brake
• refers to the lonely ghost town like a Pea Muang Pee  Park.
• low road refers to the antenna towers shaped like a castle north of the dead bodies.

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Mae Ramphueng Beach-Rayong

Mae Ramphueng Beach, meditate, or the popular people's favorite seafood. Is ten kilometers along the beach. Either side filled with seafood restaurants and beach bungalow resort condominiums have tourists visit throughout the year and intend to stay the way through and just before returning to Bangkok. To eat fresh seafood. And popularity of Rayong own people. Climate longest sea beach, the eye care line and the sea breeze on a short holiday vacation will come to socialize with friends and family.
Mae Ramphueng Beach on Sukhumvit Road. Perfect first home. Just a few kilometers. A junction to beach Rayong just come out of more than 10 kg only. During the trip, it would be inevitable in the summer. But this beach is not lack of tourists, even in the rainy season. It may be convenient, because the trip a few hours from Bangkok. And marine food sources include many renowned restaurants.
White stone courtyard is located between the center of Mae Ramphueng Beach Has been identified as a rock garden lounge. Cool to see thousands of tourists visit the living as well as the villagers themselves with this band.

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Jomtien Beach-Chonburi

Jomtien Beach, a popular beach, another province of Chonburi. The tourist is well known, but second only Pattaya Beach. Formerly known as Dongtan Beach. Because along with sugar palm. Manual cleaning the beach. Slight slope, but the beach is quite narrow.

Away from the city of Pattaya, about 4 miles south. Long stretches of beaches right around 6 miles swim very well. Except some of the cut slope at the beach, the water is deeper than usual to use caution.

Jomtien Beach Road, the tropical beach with all the restaurants, tourist trade to wait a luxury hotel condominium resort good seafood restaurants. Located along. The beach is a beach in a quiet, relaxing invited to enjoy swimming and water activities are available almost all types of surfboard Scooter, jet ski boat driver and the Wind Surf, etc..

For those who like the sea breeze sleeping. It has a bed with canvas beach umbrella service. In the evenings, it has great views to watch sunsets with.
Trip to Jomtien Beach.
Take Highway 3 (Bangna - Trad), the Na salt with about 150 miles, turn right into Pattaya. All from the town of Pattaya to the south. Miles from the center of Pattaya, about 4 km.

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wangtakrai waterfall

"wangtakrai waterfall " is one of the few places where tourism is not far from Bangkok. But still there is a very nature. Because it is surrounded by mountains to the cold weather in winter. Most of the area as green space. Rich variety of trees, both naturally occurring and introduced plant With more attention to a place for recreation with friends and family as sources of knowledge in botany There are also 2 cable streams are streams flowing through the area known as arterial canal Takhian with parent segment upstream from the waterfalls flowing through the middle of the palace from the canal figs, lemon grass and the brook upstream from the waterfall, which catch Kathina. The second stream has flowing lines meet at Wang grass first, and then flows into the River, Nakhon Nayok Resulting in water sports in the grass palace is popular for tourists especially during the next water rafting is a sport tires, also have grass in the palace at the stagnant water that is ideal for travelers that are not popular and sensational. To the bath to play as well.
      wangtakrai waterfall located on the road, Nakhon Nayok - Nang Rong district Sarika, Muang District, Nakhon Nayok Province. Away from Bangkok, about 120 km before the Nang Rong waterfall, 2 km in to tourists visited daily from 8:00 to 18:00 pm There is also a housing service at reasonable rates. The small house for 2-5 people for 6-10 persons House Medium House Large house for 15-20 people and seminars for 50 people sleeping palace park grass.
Moo 1, Tambon Sarika, Muang District, Nakhon Nayok 26000.
Tel. 0-3738-5164 to 5, 0-3738-5284.

Fax: 0-3738-5164, 0-3738-5165 to 124.

Pala-U Waterfall.

Located in Pala-U. An area of ​​273,125 rai, rich green forests and wild animals. Pala-U held in Kaeng Krachan National Park. The Protection Unit of the Pala-U Waterfall Park Forestry Department before the reservoir is located near the waterfall about 2 miles.

Pala-U Waterfall consists of larger La U Waterfall. La U Waterfall and more. The hierarchical flow together nicely down to 11 layers can swim. Range is ideal for travel between November and April.

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Koh Samui-Surat Thani

Koh Samui. The district has an archipelago state in the Gulf of Thailand in Surat Thani province in the third area is a plain surrounded by mountains. Are important tourist attractions of one of the Gulf of Thailand. Area of ​​the island of Koh Samui various combinations of approximately 252 square kilometers. Samui own unique area of ​​approximately 228 square kilometers. The island's second largest island, after Phuket, Thailand.
 Koh Samui, Koh Samui was famous as a source of coconut cultivation. Current resting place resort to foreign popular traveling with shops, hotels and entertainment venues of many beach is pride of Koh Samui is Chaweng Beach, approximately 7 miles if they act walk from the beginning of beach until By the end of the beach will take about 2 hours because of walking on sand not just walk on the ground, usually A beautiful beach, followed by a number Hat Lamai  Hat Choeng Mon  Laem Chon Khram  Hat Thong Yang  Hat Na Thon  Hat Phangka  Hat Taling Ngam. Besides the natural beauty of Koh Samui and then. In addition, a one that is popular around the world are "spa" or health through water treatment, such as a bath - a bath or hot mineral water. And scandal in the drug readily available traveler Festival Full Moon Party. Built a worldwide reputation.

Suan Phung

Suan Phung district is one of Ratchaburi Province. Mae Klong river basin land and culture of the mountain mist Nao Si. Is a province in the central west. Variety of terrain. From the low plains area. Mae Klong river basin rich. Planting vegetables, many kinds of economy. To high land. Nao Si stretch unbroken mountains long stretch to the west border of Thailand - Myanmar A motto that reflects the uniqueness of the Suan Phung district. "These young Pan Yong nearby residents the tools Sri Lam Nao Kang Phachi orange cat rocky cliff. Soothing hot water tank roll pinned persistent unforgettable sweet wild honey. "

Suan Phung district, the district was one of the Lake District book called Suan Phung district with plenty of space. Filled with forest, mountain, travel inconvenience people in the local area most of these people the tools to act Thai descent. Later, the government sent a mobile unit development district to develop in areas of Suan Phung. From 2511 to 2514 on March 20 following the date November 15, 2517 divided the area was declared Chom Bung district. The Ministry of Interior to set up a District called Suan Phung District. And thereafter on 1 April 2526 has been raised as Suan Phung district.

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Phra Nakhon Khiri

Phra Nakhon Khiri

Phra Nakhon Khiri, also known as "Khao Wang" was originally called, "Khao Samana" reign of King Rama 4 He Whereas. To run on top of his buildings, and 3 is the Phra Nakhon Khiri built around the year 2402 with the intention to use the location variable Royal charcoal in the summer. And a place to practice Buddhism in height 95 meters above sea level on the mountain top and 3 is comprised of many royal. Are important. The mountain west. Phra Thinang Phet Phum Phairot. Hall Phra Thinang Pramot Mahaisawan    Magic square tower Pritrn Phong. And Art Chatchawal Wiangchai the observatory Architecture is. "Neo-classical Chinese architecture mixed" Today is a museum exhibit appliances reign of King Rama 4 and 5, such as porcelain. Chinaware And equipment from Europe and Japan the past.

Central Peak is home to the temple called. "Phra That Chom Phet", which was originally a pagoda on the hilltop ruins of 4 His Majesty the King lot to create a large pagoda body was covered. That the height of the Buddha some 40 meters into some action packed worship relics. The mountain in the east gave them a measure called the. "Wat Phra Kaew Noi, Wat Phra Kaew in the model to find the Royal Palace in Bangkok Church of Temple and small group model, including Prang and his red Suttha Ese pagoda built with laterite. Remove from the pagoda on the shrine in order to constitute a new one here. Arts and stucco on the gable of the temple is another thing that spectacular as well. There is also a small pavilion. Walkway connecting the top of the hill and among buildings. Under the shade of a flowering tree Plumeria, white and smelly onion around his palace. Visits to historical sites in Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park. In addition to the knowledge of the history already. Visitors also can see the beautiful scenery of hills and around town, Phetchaburi also.

Visit Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park. The second way is to walk up to the front on the east. Or by electric trams in the west. Charged up - down 40 baht each and pay a fee to attend only 20 adult Thai Baht foreigners 150 baht open daily from 8.30 am - 16.30 pm, and every year is a celebration Phra Nakhon Khiri. Are exhibited. That represents the arts and culture. Fireworks and fireworks at night. It is held every first Friday of February each year for a period of 10 days, 10 Nights For more information call. 0-3240-1006, 0-3242-5600.

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Mon Bridge Sangkhlaburi

Mon Bridge is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand The rich royal sacred. (Luang Pho  Uttama) has espoused that had been constructed in 2527 by FJ most workers lived side Wat Wang Wiwekaram. Jointly built by the international community to believe the shoulder of water (group 3), the village of Mon. Ban Wang Pan (group 2), Tambon Nong Lu Sangkhlaburi district. In the municipality Wang shift.

Mon Bridge Sangkhlaburi

For the purpose of public use as a route to come into contact to make transportation to trade in agricultural occupations to earn money. And the route of a public exchange of cultural traditions. Between the Mon and Karen people living along both sides of the river Songaria.

When completed, this bridge has been dubbed. "Bridge of Faith" because the construction methods. And the process of construction workers were most.

General Information.

Mon Bridge is a bridge built across the river Tsonga lick In the district Sangkhlaburi. Kanchanaburi Province. Created by Luang Pho  Uttama of pupil It has another name called. "Bridge to Uttar Agentless" is a famous wooden bridge and a symbol of Sangkhlaburi district. This bridge is 850 meters long is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, so long as the world's No. 2.

The bridge is a dam lake viewpoint Wachira into a beautiful device. Overlooking the river is three lines Tsonga beat Julia B fan and run the flow convergence in three suffer (Origin River Kwai).
Visitor's visit to walk the bridge to watch the golden light of sunrise in the morning. And lifestyle of Thai and Mon to walk across the bridge to come together on this.
Watch the morning sunrise.
Scenic walk on the bridge, take a souvenir Mon.
Boat / Raft River View.
Purchase of the stores located on the bridge side of Mon and Thai side.

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Floating market Amphawa.

In the past, considered the center of the communication Amphawa Marine province of Samut Songkhram A floating market size Head and waterfront community at the center of commerce. But the impact of land development, transportation to the center's. Of Amphawa be lost. Floating gradually less important and ultimately lost, but left a trail of progress in the past which is still clearly visible today in Municipal Amphawa cooperation. Ruamjai of local people. Floating Amphawa have recovered again to protect the well-being of communities along the water. Which is rare today. Forever to inherit the name "Floating market Amphawa evening."
Floating market Amphawa. Will be every Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 16:00 pm, floating markets are generally held in the afternoon. But the evening floating market. The Amphawa of this Will be held during the evening time when continuously until nightfall. This can be said that market with the first in Thailand. Organized in a manner like this. In the evening, the villagers gradually. Rowing to a variety of products including various kinds of fruit, vegetable snack food, consumer products used to sell to tourists. Or local people roaming around the market Amphawa. To experience the natural life of the community, waterfront Which is likely. Very impressive. Visitors will be able to buy food and sit eating. Along the canal adjacent to the floating market Amphawa. Which has the facilities to make it more comfortable.
Trip to Floating Market Amphawa.
1. The car.
From the city along Highway 325 the only way to go and park in Amphoe Rama 2, about 6 km before the third traffic light. A junction on the left to district Amphawa to approximately 800 m. The turn left. Amphawa the market. Parking area that Amphawa page.
2. Bus.
From the Southern Bus Terminal bus 996, Bangkok - the company. The Bus. Samut Songkhram Province, through the line marketing Amphawa 976 Bangkok - Samut Songkhram Bus to Samut Songkhram Bus 333 was the Mae Klong - Amphawa - some birds Khwaek. Amphawa markets.
3. Van
Shore up the Victory Monument, Phaholyothin Rd. Checkpoint. Go left on too Amphawa van lines, Bangkok - Mae Klong from 6:25 to 20:00 am

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Pak Meng Beach

Pak Meng Beach is a long sandy beach stretches along the Andaman coast is a beautiful beach and a calm atmosphere invites relaxation in the beach sands form a half moon crescent, this is the first tourist beach of Trang. Distinguished by their large central image of water like he was lying face up, or island Meng Meng. Is a symbol of the waters of the beach lined with pine along the sea than 5 km at low tide the beach is 500 m wide sandy beach with very tight to drive to the beach with Pak Meng Pier with boat services to Koh Ngai and other islands in that area.
Trip to Pak Meng Beach.
Along Highway 4046-4162 (Trang - Sikao - Pak Meng) 38 km distance to the beach at Pak Meng, turn right about 1 mile is also a van Trang - Sikao - Pak Meng. Pier Road, Central Services in Muang district.

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Thi Lo Su waterfall

Thi Lo Su waterfall has been named and honored as the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand Asia's top waterfalls and beautiful with spectacular shots of Tee Lor Su Waterfall. Make someone many people want to experience. Although 1219 will bend over bend over the earth sky Doi matter, but at least if you can pass the time came to conquer the curve known as the Mae Sot Umphang.
What an interesting study of the natural path distance is 1.5 km before the waterfall through a bamboo forest and mixed forest Flower dick on the way up the forest floor, a sign meanings about the nature and plants to the various spots. Visitors to the study. At the waterfall Fung will see water droplets spread over the rocks below. See a stream falling from a high cliff limestone, which is about 300 m The width of over 500 meters amid dense forest. Waterfall can be divided into three groups. The group left. (When facing the waterfall) is the largest group of the highest. And is the most beautiful. A multi-line flow waterfall descending down a tactic. The middle group. Streams flowing down from steep cliffs near the left hand, but not frog layers and narrower. Lum the right. Waterfall and cliff lines have much shorter than the first two groups. Looking at these three groups together to see Lor Su waterfall big and beautiful. Below is the path to a viewpoint on the hilltop opposite side. A point overlooking the Lor Su waterfall was beautiful and clear up Take a walk back about 2 hours

Travel By Car from the route Umphang Umphang - Mae Sot. The principles of KM 161 has the turn left at home mom a new camera to the Delta, or checkpoints, "Sanctuary, Wildlife Umphang, a distance of 30 miles (for visitors driving into waterfalls Lor Sue to obtain. licensing office to Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary (Sp. 7) at the club for tourism promotion. Conservation Umphang first time. Permanent Tourists must apply. 7, Dan De Los), and then go to another gravel road 26 miles to the office Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary. Takes to travel by car for about 3 hours this is the land route. Pick-up should be used. Or 4-wheel drive vehicles at the lower range is very reasonable. In the rainy season, cars can not enter. And from the office Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary to walk into it for about 3 miles to the Tee Lor Su Waterfall.

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Village Flower Canal 15 Nakhon Nayok Province.

     Details tourism.

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Village flowers. Is the name used to refer to the long route and flowers heaviest in Thailand Both cultivated and sold. Located in Klong Bang Pla Kot district, 15 torpedo Nakhon Nayok Province. Throughout the more than 8 miles total area of ​​over 900 farm is breeding plants. The flowers different number of family farm workers in this field, about 500 households plants flowers plants garden herbs Thai garden fragrant gardens sacred variety of nursery grafting King persist around the roots both large and small. shipped to various distribution platforms. Across the country and abroad. In addition, there are not bonsai. Learning Center professionals were not wearing out early, Liu Sai Pearls Sai English Pai Kuan Phai Ngoen Phaithong etc. to knit is shaped variety, such as wearing a heart Eiffel Tower bottle of champagne basket vase glass water etc. as well as shops selling drinks. This time of year. Visitors can stop to visit and buy in wholesale prices. And Demonstration Center Marketing Group, based in 11 offices Economics Group Santitham unity. (At Forest Park rd) is a tree nursery supplies retail price is not difficult to find straight from the mouth of canals along the road to Wat Santi Dhamma ever to the right turn for about 2-3 miles during the months of March-April. Every year it is. Flower Festival torpedo
   District 1 Product 1 Product (OTOP).
Rhizome bamboo carving Engineering group of local initiatives to modify the bamboo stalks used equipment simply carved wood. Root pruning is a bamboo base. Wood carving is a hermit who form the face peacocks and a variety of other shapes, sold along the way to the waterfall, grass and Sarika Wang Nang Rong Waterfall.
From Bangkok along Highway 305 Rangsit canal. Torpedo the district road, turn left into canal 15.
   Contact Information.
For more information TAT Central Region Tel: 0 3731 2282 8.
- Coordination of Tourism Agriculture Nakhon Nayok Province Tel: 0 3731 3651.
- Office of Agriculture Nakhon Nayok Tel: 0 3731 1289.
Throughout the 15 canal street fair flower - ornamental. Held in mid-February each year. Included many activities such as flower contest. Garden patch And knowledge of various plants.

Hua Hin

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" Hua Hin " is the resting place of the oldest resort in Thailand But that is just the old fishing village. Has been changed and become a place to relax next the sea The popularity of real estate in this country today, "Hua Hin" The Leading Hotels and Resorts and many Whether it is a resort village itself. Or a five-star resort. Historically the charm of Hua Hin remains a unique attraction to tourists all year round holiday ...
Hua Hin railway station is one of the oldest railway station in Thailand. What is unique to the train station, this is a Thai pavilion in the striking architecture. The field has moved from the palace Chan. In the reign of King Rama 6 had a beauty of the architecture and art. The one you see will be impressed. Station remains open until today.

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Pattaya-Chonburi area is a metropolitan conurbanation Thailand in Chonburi Province. It comprises the city of Pattaya, eight boroughs and 25 county municipalities in eight districts, with 1,183,604 people registered from 2010. [Citation needed] As in Bangkok, the accuracy of official figures do not accurately known and the actual population is believed to be about 1.5 because countless millions of foreign workers and an ever-growing expatriate population.

Phu Rua National Park

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 Phu Rua National Park. A high mountain terrain is complex include He is mostly sandstone. In addition, a granite vice versa. This behavior makes the switch on the plateau. Great heights general Is the highest mountain top Rua to 1365 meters high from sea level. There are significant peak is Mount Phu ridge height of 1035 meters above sea level and a moderate amount Phu Kum 1000 meters high from sea level. This behavior is itself an important source of watershed streams, causing many lines such as Huai Nam Dan Bong argue Huai Huai Huai Sai Khao Na Tio and bamboo, which is the origin of the Huai Huai Phai beautiful one.

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Phu Rua National Park in the province with it. The province has some of the finest cold weather. And on top of hill. As a result, cold weather throughout the year. Especially in the winter is very cold. Dew on the grass until the top is frozen into ice pellets. Whose native language is called the "Mae Kha Ning" The rest will be ready to venture to the cold.
  Vegetation and wildlife.
is mixed forest with many beautiful  forest and mixed deciduous evergreen forest, especially pine top. Consists of pine forest. Switch to natural stone garden with shrubs Sam short Switch grass is a phase Wood common ground, including wild roses, moss fern and beautiful orchids, such as horses, ran a three-Poi bees in the trees and silver, which rocks. These flowering orchids bloom to see alternating throughout the year.
In addition, wild Rua has abundant wildlife fairly common, such as barking deer, bear squirrel monkey boar Dog Night Black and abundance with hare and tortoise spur tortoise various bird species. Much more beautiful. Especially in the winter to immigrants from China, many

National Park Thale Ban.

 Named after the lake water, a large an important place of the forest in this area, the word Thale Ban is likely to be distorted from the Malay Valerie Oat Pan Bun means the land collapse; at the Thale Ban this story. that. Several hundred people came of age then. Is a very fertile area. Later, the land area is gradually collapsed. The deep basin water is trapped into a large basin, geologists have assumed that Space below may be a larger hole. Because this area flanked by mountains and mountains of China and two in the red ant hills

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River Rafting Khek Phitsanulok.

"Rafting" is another sport that challenges the ability of adventurous water. Particularly during the rainy season is ideal for rafting is very Because large amounts of water. The higher the current flow and how much force to create exciting and fun challenge for players is great. The attractions that we recommend for those seeking adventure on the water. Rafting or not to be missed is a very. "Khek river rafting, A. Wang, Phitsanulok, organized a rafting course another famous in Thailand. Because of this Khek river currents flowing through the many

Koh Mook -Trang -thailand

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Located in north-west of the Chao Mai National Park. Located in the Tong area. Libong. Kuan Tung loan from the port about 9 km

Nature is an island of the three largest of Trang Province. Most area high knoll cliff facing the sea in the west. It is home to swallow. A fishing village on the east of the island, a sharp flat land facing the mainland. It has a population of about 1500 people live in a Muslim, about 80% occupation of the island are fishermen. The only trap ink The island also has a black pearl for pearl oyster, some. On the island, a shortcut path to the house. Island residents can walk the way Pearl has almost

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sam-pan-boke Ubon Ratchathani province. Rapids look like stone basins of different sizes over 3,000 villagers often referred to this wave that three thousand words, it means that the wave trough sure enough three thousand waving from the Mekong currents scour As a result, the styles beautifully season and suitable for visitors is the summer evening atmosphere with its very similar to the Grand Canyon. United States, very And may be named this place is that Grand Canyon City Siam Three thousand waving Ubon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park is situated in the Sankambeng Mountain Range, the southern prolongation of the Dong Phaya Yen Mountains, at the southwestern boundary of the Khorat Plateau.This park lies largely in Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Khorat), but also includes parts of Saraburi, Prachinburi and Nakhon Nayok provinces.
The park is the second largest in Thailand. It covers an area of 2,168 square kilometers, including evergreen forests and grasslands. Its altitude mostly ranges from 400 to 1000 m

Monday, March 7, 2011

Koh Chang.

Koh Chang include sea largest island in the Gulf of Thailand less than 40 islands arranged to form a lined oval parallel To coast, starting at Trat, Koh Chang Noi, Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Lao Ya Island dark wood island and intimate island nest. Has been declared. Establishment of a national park on December 31, 2525 is the National Park of Thailand, No. 45, covering an area approximately 650 square kilometers. The water is about 458 square kilometers or about 70 percent of the region. Koh Chang is the second largest island. Thailand, after Phuket. South-west of Laem-Trat is approximately 8

Yong waterfall National Park

Yong waterfall National Park. Mountains along the long stretch from his Royal Forest and continue to perfect and beautiful scenery. The effects of currents that flow together. Strand line is huge. Dropped, the water beneath. Provide a common feel the magic that is created. From the handiwork of nature. Amid the beautiful and shady. Excursions of the river that makes it. The attraction of big Tham. And be recognized by people both at provincial and national level.
For tourists who want to travel to the Yong waterfall National Park. Easily accessible by Route Nakhon Si Thammarat - Thung Song. It is the park area. The staff will give advice about this place. And serving the accommodation.

Huay Mae Kamin Waterfall

Located at the park office at Srinakarin Dam Lake. Away from the district town about 108 miles Kanchanaburi Waterfall Huay Mae Kamin conditions are very beautiful. In areas with tropical plants wild waterfall flowing from the mountains upstream of the shell is dry rainforest in the east of the park. And flowing into the reservoir. Srinakarin Dam. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls.
Huay Mae Kamin is divided into seven layers are called different to each class such as Class 1, Dong Wan, 2nd Floor, Curtains,

Koh Similan Phang Nga province.

Is the largest island in the Similan Islands. Characteristics Bay Similan is curved like a horseshoe. Water depth was about 60 feet below sea is rich in rock piles and reefs. Both antler coral reef coral and brain coral leaves a large mushroom with the most perfect conditions in Thailand beautiful fine sand beach.  
Summer, from mid-February - May wet season starts from mid May - October average temperature all year round 27 degree Celsius Relative humidity remained high average throughout the year about 83% of rainfall each

Friday, March 4, 2011

Khao Sok National Park.

Khao Sok National Park. Surat Thani Province. Khao Sok National Park. Look into the hills and mountains, limestone soils of high and low complexity beautiful. A steep vertical cliffs. The north is a large water source. Along with him around. Caused by the construction of the dam began. Forest vegetation is tropical rain forest has a value such as tiger Do Ngon Kai Yang pointed Takhian Krabak Inthanin Aromatic red cedar, etc., rare plants found in Khao Sok National Park Bua Phut.such as Thailand's largest flower.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Erawan Museum. Samut Prakan

Erawan Museum.
Chang Erawan Museum, Samut Prakan Valley is considered big. Sculpture floating Chang copper technique knock formed by hand with a height of head elephant down to the base measures 43.6 meters, or about the height of the building 14 storey height only elephant 29 m height of the elephant Building 43.6. m width 12 m length of the elephant's 39 meters, the weight of the elephant trunk elephant weight of 150 tons, 100 tons of elephant heads.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Nonthaburi is over 400 years old, dating back to when Ayutthaya was the capital. The town was originally located at Tambon Ban Talat Khwan, a famous fruit orchard where the Chao Phraya River and various canals pass through.
King Prasat Thong ordered the digging of a canal as a shortcut from the south of Wat Thai Muang to Wat Khema because the old waterway flowed into Om River to Bang Yai then to Bang Kruai Canal next to Wat Chalo before ending in front of Wat Khema.
After the new shortcut was completed, the Chao Phraya River changed its flow into the new route that remains today. In 1665, King Narai the Great noticed that the new route gave enemies too much proximity to the capital. Therefore, he ordered that a fortress be built at the mouth of Om River and relocated Nonthaburi to this area. A city shrine still stands there.
Later during the reign of King Rama IV of the Rattanakosin period, he